PC Revitalizer

PC Revitalizer will clean up issues on your PC that can adversely affect your PCs performance.

Invalid add/remove programs

PC Revitalizer can remove invalid paths that are left behind in your registry.

Invalid paths

PC Revitalizer can remove all the invalid paths that are left behind by various programs.

Missing startup programs

PC Revitalizer can remove entries for all missing startup programs.

Invalid custom controls

PC Revitalizer can remove entries for invalid custom controls, that are no longer relevant.

Invalid Uninstall Entries

Identify old/invalid uninstall entries and clean them up.

Obsolete software entries

PC Revitalizer can remove all old entries from the registry for what is now obsolete software.

Invalid file associations

Can clean up the registry where it has become corrupted with invalid file associations,

Missing shared Dlls

Remove redundant and irrelevant references to shared Dlls.

Unused Help Files

Remove old references to help files which are no longer relevant.

Download the Free version of PC Revitalizer, it will scan your PC fix the first 35 errors for free, and allow you to manage your startup programs

Purchase a subscription and get unlimited repairs


PC Revitalizer helped me improve my systems performance, without any need for me to learn anything new, the improvements were obvious.

Graham Simpson


PC Revitalizer I am a happy user, very easy to install, quick to run, can be automated for regular checking of my PC.

Maria Philpott


Thank you PC Revitalizer, what more can I say, it fixed a load of errors and has kept my system running smoothly since I installed it..

Steve Greenshaw