Driver Updater

Driver Updater will clean up issues on your PC that can adversely affect your PCs performance.

Cloud Based Engine

We use a dynamic cloud, which is an online information centre that is constantly monitoring & receiving new driver definitions..

Improve Performance

A PC using outdated drivers can be prone to instability, hardware malfunction, and slower performance.

Device Lookup

From the “Machine Intelligence” we match the information with our proprietary database and recommend appropriate drivers.

Prevent Malware

Driver Updater helps prevents Malware because finding drivers by yourself can lead you to sites which contain infected malware..

Protection from damage

We automatically create a restore point, in case that there was unexpected problem you can restore to the previous drivers.

Improve Stability

With Driver Updaters ability to keep you free of outdated drivers, you should see less issues with your computer..

Driver Updater scans all of your hardware to identify the current Driver that is installed on your system, and determines if it is the most up-to-date version.

Once the required updates are identified, Driver Updater then allows you to quickly and easily download and install all these updates from one central location.

Download the Free version of Driver Updater, it will scan your PC and update the first 2 drivers for free.

Purchase a subscription and get unlimited updates


Driver Updater helped me find drivers I could not even find on the original hardware site. I cannot recommned this product strongly enough!.

Joe Smith


Driver Updater has made keeping my PC upto date so much easier, solved a BSOD problem with my sound card that was driving me mad.

John Fargo

IT Tech

Thank you Preventon, now my PC is working great, Video is now reliable in the highest resolution, and all other drivers are updated

Jeff Woolf